Nabaraj Thakuri

Nabaraj Thakuri, a dedicated and esteemed resident of the picturesque Sindhupalchok District’s Lisankhu Pakhar Rural Municipality in Ward No. 7, assumes the pivotal role of Managing Director at Fourteen Summits Pvt. Ltd., a position he has adeptly held since 2016 A.D., marking nearly 8 years of exemplary leadership. Under his guidance, Fourteen Summits thrives, as Mr. Thakuri’s seasoned expertise in management fortifies the company’s foundation and fosters continuous improvement in team dynamics and service quality within the field. His deep-rooted commitment to excellence and strategic vision have not only propelled the company to new heights but have also solidified its reputation as a trusted entity in the industry. As a respected figure both within the community and the business realm, Mr. Thakuri’s stewardship embodies a harmonious blend of professionalism, integrity, and unwavering dedication to both company success and community welfare.



Subin Thakuri

Subin Thakuri, born in rural region of Sindhupalchok. From the age of 15 he started working as a porter. His hard work, honesty and dedication have helped him become one of the successful expedition and trek organizer of his generation. Subin Thakuri well trained in mountaineering, First-Aid Skills and great leadership skills has spent 20 years in the Himalayas.

Subin as an experienced trekking and mountaineering guide has led hundreds of trekking, expeditions and tours group in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, he has led group to Mt. Everest Summit, Amadablam, Mt. Manaslu and many Himalayan peaks. He spent lots of time in last 10 years in rural area assessing the needs of local peoples such as building schools, health post, drinking water and irrigation project. Over the course of long trekking & climbing career, Subin wants to promote quality services and safety measures for the climbers with the team of 14 Summits and continue support to the educational and health sector. In his words, “Playing hero in the mountains is not wise. The mountain decides whether you climb or not. Watch, listen and understand the mountain, and you will know when to go and when to retreat.”