Fourteen Summit Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad you have come to read our Terms and Conditions and assume that you are certainly planning to travel; it’s great to have you here on our website before you book your trip with us. Please take the opportunity to go through all the clauses mentioned in this document of Terms and Conditions with Fourteen Summit P. Ltd. By asking us to confirm your booking, we assume that you have gone through our Terms and Conditions and will abide by the clauses mentioned. Failure to comply with the clauses shall be considered as a cancellation of the trip from the client’s side.

Booking Procedures

1. Booking in Advance

You can book a trip with us by writing through website forms. When you submit the form, we will receive an email. After a thorough analysis of your request, we will send you the confirmation email along with price of your requirements (by checking the availability of the chosen trip).

You may also book your trip by contacting any one of the directors of Fourteen Summit.

The trip will be considered booked only when you have paid the advance amount (mentioned in the Payment procedures section). Please make sure you receive the confirmation email with the receipt for your deposit.

1.a Late Booking

You can book your trip by the latest 1 month prior to the departure date. But please be notified, we reserve the right to confirm the booking depending upon the occupancy of the group.

  1. Payment Procedures

When you have firmly decided to undertake the Adventure with fourteen Summit, you will need to book the trip with us. We must allocate enough time to prepare, obtain necessary documents, and book hotels and lodges for the trip. Therefore, you are required to book as early as possible 1 month prior to the Fixed Departure set by us or your schedule to reserve yourself a space in the group, Release the payment in the given terms:

  1. 15% advance during the time of booking for confirmation
  2. 50% payment one month prior to arrival in Nepal
  3. 35% Payment to be made upon arrival in Kathmandu before the start of Expedition
  4. Payment Methods

We accept different modes of payment. You may choose to pay via any mode that suits you the best.

3.1 We accept Wire Transfers

Details for Wire Transfer are as follows:

Account Name:

Office Address:

Bank Name:

Bank Address:

Account No:

Swift Code:

Note: Certain charges may be applicable for a wire transfer which shall be borne by the client at their end.

3.2 We accept Cash Payment.

You may choose to pay with cash by visiting our office at Thamel.

3.3 We accept cards

Thanks to the advanced banking system that has eased the payment procedures. We do accept cards like American Express, MasterCard, and VISA Cards. But please be notified that the banks charge 4% of the total amount per transaction which shall be borne by the client.

  1. Cancellation Policy

The future is unpredictable. Hence, planned trips may come on the verge of cancellation from either party.

4.1 In case of cancellation by you:

If the cancellation is made 30 days before the Expedition, 15% of the full payment will be deducted and 85% will be refunded.

If the cancellation is made 20 days before the Expedition, 30% of the full payment will be deducted and 70% will be refunded

If the cancellation is made 5 days before the Expedition, 80% will be deducted and 20% will be refunded.

No refund is made if the trip is canceled after the departure for Expedition.


4.2 In case of Cancellation by the Company

The company reserves the right to cancel any trip if there are inadequate members required for the expedition. In such cases, we will notify you as soon as possible. The amount may be held by the company for any alternate trip of a similar grade or refunded to you after deducting the bank charges.

In case of cancellation due to natural calamities, disasters, clients’ health issues, and any unforeseeable events that are out of our control, no refund is entitled.

  1. Company’s Responsibility

  • The company is fully responsible to provide all the services mentioned in the Cost Inclusions section
  • The company is responsible to introduce all the team members with guides, Climbing Sherpas, Staff, and managers
  • The company is fully responsible to make the best arrangements for foods, lodging, and accommodation throughout the trip
  • The company is responsible to hear out the concerns of the member in terms of safety
  • The company is responsible to make prompt arrangements in case of emergencies during the trek and expeditions
  • The company is responsible to provide valuable service to the clients and deserving pay to the staff
  1. Clients’ Responsibility

The client/ You are responsible to insure yourself with an insurance policy that covers medical expenses, flight cancellation, trip cancellation, emergency evacuation, and any other unforeseeable events that may cause loss to you.

The client is responsible to strictly follow the guidelines of the Team leader. Any loss/expenses aroused due to failure in compliance with the rules shall be borne by the client. You will solely be responsible for any unpredictable accidents resulted from carelessness at your end. Therefore, we suggest you focus on safety, security, and training during the trip, and prepare well before the trip.

The client is responsible to bear all expenses of personal nature and any extra cost resulted due to extended stay because of natural calamities, political strikes, and any uncontrollable events.

The client is responsible to book the flight tickets with a flexible time frame as traveling in the Himalayas can be unpredictable. In case of missed flights, the client shall be solely responsible to bear the loss.

If you wish to add extra services than mentioned by the company in the Cost Inclusions section of each package, you shall be entitled to bear the extra costs. 

  1. Insurance and Travel Policies

There is no provision for foreigners to purchase any insurance policy in Nepal. Therefore, you are requested to purchase yourself an insurance policy that covers expenses against all possible risks including missed flights, canceled trips, baggage loss, emergency medical evacuation, high altitude accidents, and other unforeseeable events.

  1. Compliance with the Law of Nation

The client strictly needs to abide by the laws of any country that you are traveling to. You are under no circumstances allowed to breach the law and legal system of the country. If found so, you shall be liable to bear all/any punishments/penalties mentioned by the law. Some illegal activities include trading/using banned Drugs, carrying illegal weapons and ammunition, money laundering, entry in restricted areas, driving without a license, and many more.

  1. Early completion of Trip

In some cases, we might complete our trips earlier than the mentioned itinerary due to favorable conditions. The reduction of contingent days from the itinerary shall not be entitled to any refund. (For example: If we don’t need to use 4 contingent days during our Everest expedition due to favorable weather and we reach Kathmandu earlier than scheduled, the refund is not entitled to those 4 days.

  1. Extended Stay

If the client extends the stay after the completion of the expedition/trek/tour, the client is responsible to bear all the expenses thereafter.

  1. Gears and Equipment

Climbers will be provided with the necessary gear and equipment for the Expedition and Treks. However, it is your duty and responsibility to keep the items safe and sound. Any damage to the aforementioned elements shall incur extra costs on behalf of the clients.

  1. Extra Recreational Activities

Clients may choose to add any extra adventurous activity to their trips. Adventurous activities like Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Ziplining, Rafting can be added to your trips at nominal extra costs.

  1. Change and Modification in Trips

You may request some changes and modifications to the itinerary provided by the company. In such cases, you will be responsible to bear all extra costs for accommodation and food as well. All extra activities that you participate in are subject to extra costs.




Waiver Agreement | Policies and Hazard Awareness Agreement

General Acknowledgement of Risk Inherent during Expedition

I, hereby recognize and acknowledge that there are many risks inherent in any activity associated with the outdoors, including many aspects of this expedition. These risks include dangers, not only associated with participation in activities but include dangers associated with aircraft and travel to and from the location of the activities. By signing this Fourteen Summit Treks P. Ltd. Policies and Hazard Awareness Agreement, I am voluntarily and knowingly subjecting myself to all dangers, risks, and rigors involved or associated with the expedition listed above. By signing this form, I state that I have been informed of some, but not all the possible dangers, and some, but not all of their consequences. I acknowledge and assume responsibility for all risks and dangers and all of their consequences, whether or not foreseeable.

Non-exclusive List of Risks and Danger Inherent during this expedition

I, fully understand that some of the many risks inherent in the expedition listed above include, but are not limited to: (1) a fall, which may result in serious injury, permanent disability or death; (2) cold weather injuries which may include hypothermia, frost nip and/or frostbite which can result in serious injury or death, including but not limited to, loss of limbs, digits, and/or permanent scarring, and/or permanent disability; (3) heat related illnesses, which may include heat exhaustion and heat stroke, both of which may result in serious injury , permanent disability or death; (4) altitude related illnesses, which may include acute mountain sickness, pulmonary edema, and/or cerebral edema, which may result in serious injury, permanent disability or death; (5)”an act of nature” which may include avalanche, rock fall, crevasse fall, high winds, severe cold, all of or any of which may result in serious injury, permanent disability, or death and/or (6) river crossings, or travel, that could result in serious injury, permanent disability or death; (7) risk associated with crossing, climbing, or down climbing rock, snow and/or ice, any or all of which may result in serious injury, permanent disability or death; (8) unavailability of skilled medical treatment and rescue.

I have had an opportunity to make myself aware of any and all consequences of these risks and dangers involved with this expedition and have done so to my complete satisfaction.

Statement of Mental and Physical Ability

I state that I have or will undergo the medical examination required of me by Fourteen Summit PVT. LTD. and that I am mentally and physically prepared to participate in the expedition listed above. Furthermore, I hereby state that I have undergone a course or training that has adequately prepared me for whatever expedition I am embarking on.If Rescue is Necessary


I, hereby accept full responsibility and agree to pay for any and all expenses, necessarily incurred, if rescue shall become necessary. I further agree that Fourteen Summit Pvt. Ltd. shall have complete and sole discretion to decide when, where, how, to what extent, and under what circumstances, my rescue should be required. I hereby agree and promise to pay for any and all costs necessarily incurred and reasonably related to my rescue.

Turning Back and Refund Policy

Fourteen Summit Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to refuse a person’s participation on an expedition if we find the person to be physically or mentally unprepared for the expedition.

During the expedition, the guides reserve the right to require me to return to base camp or to the nearest city, if by the guides’ judgment, for any reason, I am unfit to continue participating in an ongoing activity. If for any reason, I leave the expedition before its completion there will be no reimbursement of fees. If the weather makes completing our objective impossible there will be no reimbursement either. Fourteen Summit, Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible for any expenses incurred if the expedition should be delayed due to weather.


As per the company policy, booking should be done 2 months prior to the trip and it is mandatory for the client to pay 15% of the total amount at that time. The advanced payment worth 15% of the total amount will be transferable if the client decides to reschedule or rebook for a future trip within a year any time after the payment is made.

If you plan to cancel a booked trip, no amount shall be entitled to refund; clients will be required to pay extra services other than in the Cost Inclusions section by themselves in case delay and negligence are caused by clients. However, if the delay is caused because of the mismanagement of the agency, political, or meteorological reasons, the agency will bear the charges. In addition to that, the trip may come to an end for the client because of ailment or personal injuries. In such cases, the client will not be entitled to refunds. These points are the summary of everything that is already mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of Fourteen Summit Treks, Pvt. Ltd. and it is important that the client goes through it in detail before signing below. Signing below will translate to the clients’ endorsement of every point of terms and conditions put forth by Fourteen Summit Treks.

I have read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions stated on the above turning back and no refund policy. I acknowledge that this agreement shall be effective and binding upon the parties during the entire period of participation in the said activity(s).

Consent to Medical Treatment

I request that all reasonable efforts be made to contact the person listed on my application for contact in the event of an emergency.

I give Fourteen Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd. team to make all necessary or advisable decisions for my safety and well-being for the diagnosis and/or treatment of any injuries which may arise out of my participation in this expedition in the event that my emergency contact cannot be reached through the exercise of reasonable efforts.

I consent to hospital, medical, or surgical diagnosis and/or treatment to be rendered necessary or advisable for my safety and well-being for any injuries which may arise out of my participation in this expedition.

Statement of Understanding and Acknowledgement of Opportunity to ask Questions

I have carefully read this Policies and Hazard Awareness Agreement and I fully understand its contents. I have had a reasonable opportunity to ask any and all questions regarding all aspects of this expedition, including but not limited to, all risks and dangers listed above. All questions have been answered to my complete satisfaction. I understand that this Policies and Hazard Awareness Agreement shall be effective and binding upon me, during the entire period of my participation in the expedition listed above, including but not limited to, travel to and from my place of residence. Therefore, I assume full responsibility for myself and for any serious injury, permanent disability, death, or loss of personal property which may occur during the expedition.